Am I famous now?
by | Blogging | May 9, 2010

Read this in a very heavy American accent: You might remember me from such blog posts such as Die Antwoord Gig or Don’t Touch Me on My Studio Remix. My name is Niel and recently I’ve been in the newspaper and on a really popular site. So, am I a famous blogger now? Do I have mad influence?

I reckon I need to go a little bit more RESPECT from other gangsta bloggers or go “ride” with them in the web-hood. I’m having an existentialist blogger fame crisis. Who am I? When am I famous? Will I be the next Mashable? Or even Hipsterrunoff? I probably need some endorsement deals first.

I reckon you only reach fame, when people get excited about your sex tape, or maybe post explicit pictures of you on

When does one really become a “blogger”? If you post one post, are you a blogger? Or do you need to be like working “blogger”? Pay your server and other expenses like food and drinks, so I can be like 2Oceansvibe, probably South Africa’s only legit “blogger”. Time will tell. For now, I’m ending this blog post, ’cause I’m flying to LA to meet Zooey Deschanel for a coffee.