Off the field, there is another battle going on. The battle for prediction seer supremacy. In one corner we have Paul the Octopus. He screwed over the Germans in their semi-final, but so far has a good track record. His predictions for the final: Spain to take the cup, and his other hurdle, the 3/4th playoff puts Germany ahead of Uruguay. Good Good. That’s all dandy. Good on you Calamari Paul.

Now in the other corner we have Chinese guy from the future. If you haven’t heard of him. He is big in the Chinese interweb-o-spheres now. He made a forum post on Baidu on June 13, proclaiming how the World Cup will end. He predicted Netherlands will beat Spain in the final 2:1 and that Sneijder will score one of the goals. That’s some precise predicting yo. Gotta give to the brother from the future. He is already on track pretty much. He says further, that after his post he will come back and people will believe him. Go bro!

So who’s side are you on? This epic battle will only have one winner. The octopus already has a track record, but this Chinese guy predicted the end on June 13. Calamari Paul or Brother Future? Time will tell.

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  • Rupy Yuan

    If Paul the Octopus was a human being, just imagine how much street cred he would have.


  • NielDLR

    Hahaha. You speak the truth!

  • Viktor Ovurmind

    Weird, while I was looking for stuff to ponder under “Rupy Yuan” I found this Daily Telegraph article about China's new rich the author was, get this, NEIL TWEEDIE – Obviously I have gathered you write at Twindie, but the serendipity of it struck me as cute. Thxs for the laowai :-)


  • NielDLR

    Woah! That is crazy coincidental. Wow. Amazing find. Hahaha.