After seeing Pacman grace the frontpage of Google I remembered some classics reinterpretations of Tetris on the web. Have fun wasting a few hours!

1) Zero Gravity Tetris

Inspired by the XKCD cartoon, this Zero Gravity Tetris is nigh impossible. I got so close to scoring points though. Apparently you can score points. Good luck with that though. You might punch your screen before then.

2) First-Person Tetris

This version of Tetris puts you into the zone of the pieces themself, when you twist them, you twist along with it. Gets hella confusing later on. Warning don’t plus drunk or if you’re prone to motion sickness, it will not go down well.

3) Tetoris

Holy sweet moley of big things, this is big. I’ve yet to have the patience to get one line in this monster of a Tetris game. Go on. Try it. Yeah yeah, you think you can do it. Try it. Once you screw one small piece, the rest is history. Next thing you know things you’re just dropping tiles everywhere making the weirdest unintentional pixel art.

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